We are dedicated to empowering a generation of young women. As an internationally recognized leadership mentoring organization, we mentor young ladies through coaching by defining value, purity, beauty and the combination of female possibilities in order to inspire.

Our research has demonstrated the demands required for young girls and young teen women. We have developed a specific system to train and encourage their leadership skill-set. This development process includes relationship building, communication abilities and self-worth initiatives in order to focus on growing their abilities to maximize a proactive, self-fullfilling life.

Change a life

The smallest things can change a life. The simpliest words can change a life. The selfless affection and care can change a life. You can change a life by taking the time to invest into a young lady who is awaiting and ready to receive tools that will help institute change her life.

i AM

I am the driver of my destiny. My heart and feelings belong to me. I am worthy. I deserve total freedom. I attract all that is good. I am learning through my pain and overcoming obstacles. I am enough. I am apart of my growth and give thanks to those who contribute to it. I am worthy to fulfill my destiny.

Beautiful Hearts

Our hearts are pure & PINK. Our hearts have been scared but we still believe. Our hearts are beautiful and have the ability to be healed. Our hearts create beauty. So it is with the inner life as things are bound together. All things connect. Our hearts are open and thankful for kind-hearted individuals like you.

Non-Deductible donations of money and supplies are accepted.